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Gramik’s Agricultural Practices

Peer Partner Program/ Village level Entrepreneurs

  • Onboarding of farmers App/ Peer Partners
  • Geo fencing/ tagging of farm. App/ Peer Partners
  • Soil health testing & remedial
  • Support
  • Seed calculator
  • 3,000+ products/ online store
  • Financial access through Peer Partners
  • Omni channel advisory
  • Weather alerts
  • Drone as a service
  • Water management & drip irrigation
  • Notifications & reminders of events
Production & Yield
  • Small machinery, tractors
  • Implements on hire/ rent
  • Integrated cattle management
  • Market linkages to sell output

Gramik’s Agricultural Practices

  • Soil Management
  • Advisory & Support
  • Crop Management
  • Automation of Water Management

Regenerative Agriculture

  • Soil protection
  • Crop diversity

Peer Partners: Backbone of Our Social Commerce Model

  • Gathers local Agri-intelligence
  • Demand generation & door deliveries to farmers
  • Conducts training to farmers on new products, services & sustainable farming practices
  • Facilitates credit & other financial access to farmers
  • Communicates farmers on various government schemes and subsidies

Smart Farming Journey

1. Digital Farm guide
  • Farmer/Land Parcel Registration
  • Prediction- Input & Yield
  • Continuous field mapping
  • Comprehensive event entry
  • Event notification to farmers
  • Compliance monitoring of events of crops
2. Soil Health Management
  • Crop prediction based on soil and environmental impact using feature selection techniques
3. Drone as a service
  • Field mapping, Pesticide spraying, Crop Health monitoring
4. Precision Water Management
  • App driven irrigation decisions (Timing, volume, defined area)
  • Water pump controlled by IOT edge device
5. Digital Cattle Health Program
  • 24/7 online consultation with veterinarian on video calls
  • Easy monitoring of Health of livestock using AI & IOT
  • Vaccination reminders Weather reminders Digital records
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